PC4-Smart Mosquito Density System

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PAN City Execution Stage
Installation of 4 devices completed and Pilot Go-Live started
Anoop Krishnan Jayashankar

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0.62 SCTL-PRJ/239/2019-IT/1 30/05/2019 Sanctioned
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0.63 TS/SMDS - 01 27/07/2019
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0.54 16 Aug 2020 09 Sep 2020 1-03-2020
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0.539 0 M/s TrackitNow Technologies pvt. ltd. loa issued on 16-Sep-2020
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Installation of Mosquito Density Identification Systems in the 25 identified locations and integration with ICMCC systems.

The mosquito detection and classification system utilize a combination of optical sensor technologies to detect, count and classify by species. This sensor package will be housed in a weather resistant enclosure designed to be cost effective for manufacture and low maintenance, requiring little human interaction after installation. Sensors will be installed on electric poles or other relevant public infrastructure where there is source of electricity.
The system will offer the additional benefits of incorporating the latest Internet of Things (IoT) technologies making it an autonomous system capable of directly reporting time-stamped data including, sensor location, mosquito population densities, species to health and human services organizations. This data will provide the most accurate, immediate link for these agencies in combating mosquito borne illnesses.
Key Components of the solution:
• Fully functional autonomous detection systems with IoT communications and “cloud” based data storage.
• Project report to demonstrate system capability to alert government agencies to the need for geographically specific mosquito control treatment and the resulting effectiveness of the treatment.
The scope of work is divided into the following categories:
• IoT Device & Sensor
• Application Scope
• Intervention recommendations
• Post intervention feedback with critical analysis.