PC6-Safety & Security (CCTV Camera Surveillance System & Street Lighting with Control System)

Project Details

Estimated Cost
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Smart City Grant
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(In Rs. Cr)
ULB Fund
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Central Scheme
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23.74 20.18 0 0 3.56

Ward Name & No. Project Status SCTL Official in Charge PMC Official in Charge
PAN City Execution Stage
Site Survey of Pilot 20 Locations in progress
Anoop Krishnan Jayashankar

Project Progress

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Administrative Sanction
Amount Order No Date Status
68.59 SCTL/PRJ/220/2019/IT/AS-1 & SCTL/PRJ/210/2019/M(PMM)/5 31/08/2019 & 28/10/2019 Issued
DPR Details
Amount Type: Doc. No & Date Status
PD/PP/DPR/04d & PMC/PD/PP2/DPR/06d
17/06/2019 & 29/08/2019
Technical Sanction
Amount Order No & Date Status
68.58 TS/safety-01 & 24.07.2019 / TS/ATCS-01 & 28/11/201931-08-201931-08-201931-08-201931-08-201931-08-20131-08-2019 Issued
Tender Details
PAC Amount Start Date End Date Pre Bid Date Status
68.59 19-12-2019 22-5-2020 7-1-2020 Technical Evaluation Ongoing
Execution Details
Work Award Amount Project Expenditure Executing Agency Start Date End Date Status
64.279 0 M/s MSP - ARS JV loa issued on 9-09-2020
Phy Progress Fin Progress
20 % 0 %


KEY COMPONENTS OF TSCCC: The existing 72 locations will be revamped and additional cameras are provisioned at the new 26 locations within PAN City area. i) City Surveillance: CCTV based video surveillance is a security enabler to ensure public safety. With the help of IP based ANPR, SLVD, No Helmet, RLVD, FR Cameras with day and night capabilities. ii) Intelligent Video Analytics & Video Wall: While Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA) is great at extracting key information, in many safety, security, or failure prevention scenarios. iii) Smart Traffic Control: Smart Traffic Control system includes advanced ICT enabled Traffic Management and communication by integrating with the database of Motor Vehicle Department system for automatic E-Challan. iv) Smart Governance and Citizen Services: Smart Governance captures the important attributes of Good Governance i.e. Simple, Measurable, Accountable, Responsive and Transparent Governance. Information will be communicated to citizens via PA System, VMS Displays at strategic locations. v) Network Backbone: OFC Cable will be laid for approx. 50 Kms to integrate the newly proposed 26 junctions and the existing fiber cable laid by Police department will be utilized for connecting the Camera placed in the 72 existing junctions as per the requirements from Police Department Officials.