A12-Redesign of Bus Stops with WiFi Hotspot Facilities

Construction of Smart Bus Shelter Phase - 1 (6 Locations)

Project Details

Estimated Cost
(In Rs. Cr)
Smart City Grant
(In Rs. Cr)
(In Rs. Cr)
ULB Fund
(In Rs. Cr)
Central Scheme
(In Rs. Cr)
4.1 4.1 0 0 0

Ward Name & No. Project Status SCTL Official in Charge PMC Official in Charge
ABD Area Completed
Panavila (100%) Ayurveda college (100%) Thambanoor RMS (100%) Killipalam-1(100%) Opp Womens College (100%)
Gayathri Gopinath Alagarswamy

Project Progress

Physical Work % Financial progress %
% %
Administrative Sanction
Amount Order No Date Status
1.57 SCTL/PRJ/212/2018/UD/1 22nd Dec 2018 Sanctioned
DPR Details
Amount Type: Doc. No & Date Status
4th Jan 2019
Technical Sanction
Amount Order No & Date Status
0.9 TS/Bus Stops-02 & 16th Jan 2019 Issued
Tender Details
PAC Amount Start Date End Date Pre Bid Date Status
1.00 16th Feb 2019 2nd March 2019 N/a
Execution Details
Work Award Amount Project Expenditure Executing Agency Start Date End Date Status
0.886 0.43 Shri. P. R. Mohanakumar 05/24/2020 08/31/2020 Completed
Phy Progress Fin Progress
100 % 48.06 %


This projects aims at creating comfortable and safe waiting area for dailycommuters, thus encouraging the use of Public transport. Smart Bus shelters with comfortable seats, charging facility, FM Radio, CCTV surveillance, Emergency Call Button, UPS backup, Digital Advertisement Boards and PIS display is being installed at 6 locations as Phase 1 of this project. The Phase 1 locations are Ayurveda college, Panavila, Killippalam along the school and opposite to school, Womens College and Thampanoor RMS.