B19-Warehouse facilities with ancillary activities at Chalai Chalai warehouse with commercial complex

Bio Mining of Waste at Chalai

Project Details

Estimated Cost
(In Rs. Cr)
Smart City Grant
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(In Rs. Cr)
ULB Fund
(In Rs. Cr)
Central Scheme
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10.82 8.11 2.7 0 0

Ward Name & No. Project Status SCTL Official in Charge PMC Official in Charge
Chalai, 71 Execution Stage
Work started.
Vishnu Venugopalan Shameena

Project Progress

Physical Work % Financial progress %
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Administrative Sanction
Amount Order No Date Status
2.06 AS Issued
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Technical Sanction
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2.06 N/a N/a
Tender Details
PAC Amount Start Date End Date Pre Bid Date Status
2.06 20th August 2020 14th Sep 2020 26-Aug-2020 Tender - Closed
Execution Details
Work Award Amount Project Expenditure Executing Agency Start Date End Date Status
0.475 0 Mr. Abdul Vahid 30.04.2021 loa issued on 29-Sep-2020
Phy Progress Fin Progress
0 % 0 %


2.6-acre land under TRIDA ownership is to be developed for “Chalai warehouse & Commercial Complex”. The scope of the project is to design and develop a revenue model for warehouse. The project involved MLCP in the Suitability Assessment that was identified not feasible due to restricted land availability.

A warehouse facilitiy of area 2834.6 sqm is being proposed at Attakungalara for Chalai market. After inauguration, the Warehouse will be handed over to Kerala State Warehousing Corproation on mutually agreeable terms with TRIDA and SCTL.