B20-OAT at Putharikandam Maidanam

DPR of Putharikandam Maidanam & EK Nayanar Park

Project Details

Estimated Cost
(In Rs. Cr)
Smart City Grant
(In Rs. Cr)
(In Rs. Cr)
ULB Fund
(In Rs. Cr)
Central Scheme
(In Rs. Cr)
10.07 8.86 0 1.21 0

Ward Name & No. Project Status SCTL Official in Charge PMC Official in Charge
Fort, 18 Execution Stage
Gallery works slab works in progress. Other parallel civil works going on like toilet block, theme park, rain shelter, compound wall etc.
Jerry Shameena

Project Progress

Physical Work % Financial progress %
% %
Administrative Sanction
Amount Order No Date Status
12.682 SCTL/PRJ/220/2019/UD/1 25-06-2019 Issued
DPR Details
Amount Type: Doc. No & Date Status
Technical Sanction
Amount Order No & Date Status
12.682 TS/OAT-02 dtd 23rd Nov 20199-7-20199-7-20199-7-20199-7-20199-7-20199-7-20199-7-20199-7-20199-7-201999-7-2019 Issued
Tender Details
PAC Amount Start Date End Date Pre Bid Date Status
9.083 4th Feb 2020 25th Feb 2020 N/a Closed
Execution Details
Work Award Amount Project Expenditure Executing Agency Start Date End Date Status
9.545 0.43 Shri. SP Subramanian W/o dtd 8th June 2020
Phy Progress Fin Progress
40 % 4.54 %


This project aims at redeveloping Putharikandam Maidanam. The proposal includes Entrance Gateway which is being extended to create a grand entry to the maidan, a tensile roofing over E K Nayanar Memorial Plaza inorder to bring a permanent shade to the area, OAT , renovating the compound wall, introducing a theme park, landscape work in the pathway park around the maidan, illumination works and ICT components like Wifi Hotspot, CCTV, Emergency call box, Public information display system.