D31-Linked Green Activity Zones and Pedestrian Streets(Shantinagar Park, Childrens Park, E K Nayanar park, Ponnara Sreedhar Park, Gandhi Park & Shree Kandeshwaram Park)

DPR/ RFP for Phase 1: Open Gym

Project Details

Estimated Cost
(In Rs. Cr)
Smart City Grant
(In Rs. Cr)
(In Rs. Cr)
ULB Fund
(In Rs. Cr)
Central Scheme
(In Rs. Cr)
12.85 9.85 0 0 3

Ward Name & No. Project Status SCTL Official in Charge PMC Official in Charge
ABD Area Completed
Work Completed - Inauguration Done
Gayathri Gopinath

Project Progress

Physical Work % Financial progress %
% %
Administrative Sanction
Amount Order No Date Status
0.42 SCTL/PRJ/231/UD/1 17/09/2018 Sanctioned
DPR Details
Amount Type: Doc. No & Date Status
Technical Sanction
Amount Order No & Date Status
0.41 TS/Gym-01 & 24/09/2018 Sanctioned
Tender Details
PAC Amount Start Date End Date Pre Bid Date Status
0.44 29th Oct 2018 19th Nov 2018 N/a Completed
Execution Details
Work Award Amount Project Expenditure Executing Agency Start Date End Date Status
0.352 0.29 M/s Build Inida 02/16/2019 10/05/2019 W/o dtd 27th Dec 2018, Completion - 8 Months
Phy Progress Fin Progress
100 % 82.05 %


Open Gym project is a low hanging sub-project of Park developement projects.Open Gym facilitiy provides opportunities for physical activity and can help people of all ages lead a more active lifestyle. Open Gyms are installed in Sreekandeswaram Park, Sree Chitre Park and Gandhi park and is being widely used by the public.