Control Centre

  • Project Name : Centralised Command Control Centre
  • Fund Pattern : Grant - Smart City (Centre/State) :22.22
    PPP: 0
    Central Schemed: 7.41
    ULB fund: 0
    Estimated : 29.36
  • Progress in %
    Physical: 0
    Financial: 0
  • Implementation Agency : SCTL

The Integrated Centralised Command & Control Centre (ICCC) will be an integrated system that will operate & manage multiple city service operations including real time monitoring & improving services delivery efficiency. The applications of ICMCC are:
► Integration of the following independent solutions to ICCC
► Smart Water Network: Continuous monitoring of water supply w.r.t availability (supply
levels, losses (NRW) and water quality.
► Intelligent Traffic & Transport Management: Traffic management, offence tracking at
major junctions, VMS, smart parking and smart bus stops
► SWM Data Centre: Linking private empanelled vendors with waste generators,
coordinating, monitoring & reviewing decentralised activities & IEC material
► Safety & Security: CCTV Surveillance &Solar LED Street Lighting with control system
► Early Warning System: Flood Hazards, Coastal Hazards and Public Health Risks
► Smart Mosquito Density System: Tracking Sensors linked to control room and alert
system for officials through smart phones and web applications