Smart Mosquito Density system

  • Project Name : Smart Mosquito Density system
  • Fund Pattern : Grant - Smart City (Centre/State) : 0.54
    PPP: 0
    Central Schemed: 0
    ULB fund: 0
    Estimated : 0.54
  • Progress in %
    Physical: 0
    Financial: 0
  • Implementation Agency : SCTL

The Smart Mosquito Density System will operate autonomously and use state-of-the-art internet of things (IoT) technology.
It will alert health and other agencies of emergencies.
These thematic maps will help government agencies in prioritizing sprays.
The system will help the authorities in identifying breeding at exact location and that too with the right sprays for a particular species.Smart phones and web applications will be used to report sprays by location. There will be analytics to monitor the effectiveness of sprays.