Smart Water Network

  • Project Name : Smart Water Network
  • Fund Pattern : Grant - Smart City (Centre/State) : 58.55
    PPP: 0
    Central Schemed: 0
    ULB fund: 0
    Estimated : 58.55
  • Progress in %
    Physical: 0
    Financial: 0
  • Implementation Agency : SCTL

        Meter the entire water supply network through a combination of conventional meters and AMRs. The AMRs would be installed for bulk consumers and at the distribution zones at ABD area. Pressure sensors and water quality sensors would be installed to monitor the service parameters across the network and SCADA based monitoring system for the entire network. Billing would be done using handheld devices and payments would be enabled through web and mobile. Since all of the above also requires physical infrastructure to be built, the city would also implement a project monitoring module and approval workflow system to ensure that the project is implemented in a timely manner.


This will help department to handle critical civic situations by accumulating real time data and analyse on time for decision making. This data will also be integrated to ICCC which is central control command center where top decision makers can sit and analyse in an integrated and holistic manner with other respective departments and authorities to solve the emergency raised in city.